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ArtStudio Rating: ★★★★★

If you watched the iPad keynote last month you know one of the application demoed for the new platform was called Brushes. Brushes allows the user to make artistic creations using their fingers instead of a mouse as they might do on a personal computer. Although Brushes for the iPad is still at least another month away, there is one application available now for the iPhone that replicates much of the demoed functionality. That application is ArtStudio by Lucky Clan.

– 25 brushes including pencils, brushes, eraser, smudge tool, bucket fill (simple and smart mode), glow, tube, airbrush and many more…
– advanced settings offer 8 different parameters and real-time preview for all brushes
– simulated brush pressure
– line smoothing, antialiasing, zooming with filtering
– 3 drawing modes: free draw with smoothing, free draw without smoothing, lines

There are a lot of basic drawing and coloring applications in the App Store but ArtStudio is certainly not one of them. One of the hallmarks of a good utility application like ArtStudio is that it provides as little or as much is required by the current user. If someone is just interested in some basic features for doodling while they wait in line, the program’s advanced features shouldn’t stand in the way of that. If the user is a skilled graphic artist that needs a lot of advanced features, they shouldn’t have to hunt through the interface to find them.

ArtStudio iPhoneArtStudio has a very clean and welcoming interface that doesn’t stand in the way of the creative process. When you open the application you are presented with a white blank canvas. The toolbar is very cleverly hidden at the bottom of the screen. To open it you click the arrow in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

When I first opened ArtStudio I expected the limited functionality I had seen in other drawing and coloring applications. I was happily surprised. You will be as impressed as I was with the range, depth, and selection of options available. This feels and operates like a professional app. It also includes several tutorials on how to draw various subjects using ArtStudio. I think what impressed me the most was the crispness of the application. Some drawing applications feel very clumsy when you’re drawing with your fingers. ArtStudio feels crisp and professional, like you’re really using the tools in question.

I would heartily recommend ArtStudio for anyone from the professional artist, to the casual doodler to someone looking for an application for an artistic child. All will find it easily enjoyable and fully featured. ArtStudio is a must have for your digital easel.

The Good:

  • Fully featured
  • Well designed interface
  • Crisp, professional feel
  • Broad appeal

The Not So Good:

  • A sync feature that allows for the direct transfer of creations to a computer would be a nice addition

Reviewed By: Erin Peterson

ArtStudio In Action

Price: $3.99 (iTunes Store)
Released: Feb 10, 2010
Reviewed Version: 1.0
Size: 1.3 MB
Languages: English
Seller: Sylwester Los
© Lucky Clan 2010


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