Apple’s iPhone Takes 18.5% of US Mobile Market, Competing with Android

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comScore has once again released its monthly survey results for U.S. mobile phone users for September to November. comScore obtains the data by measuring the installed user base as opposed to new handset sales, allowing for far more accurate results.

According to the survey results, Apple’s iPhone is now in control of 18.5% of the US mobile market, up 1.4% from the June to August timeframe. In last month’s survey, Apple edged out LG to claim the number two spot and is now going after Samsung, which controls 26.9% of the market, up 1.2%.

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Some of the contenders fighting for market share do not entirely produce smartphones. For example, while Apple produces only the iPhone, Samsung has a number of different phones that it manufactures and sells. Therefore, when looking at smartphones, which accounts for for 53% of the U.S. mobile market, Android is dominating with 53.7% of the market.

Apple and the iPhone in comparison holds only 35%, although Android does ship on phones from a number of manufacturers while Apple’s iOS is only on the hardware that the company manufactures. Apple and Google now have a head to head competition, with many of the other smartphone manufacturers such as RIM and Symbian, falling far behind.

With each passing month, and each calendar quarter, Apple continues to make its market presence larger and continues to inch closer to claiming the number one spot, despite strong controls by Samsung in manufacturing and Google in smartphones.

{Via MacRumors}


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