Apple’s iPhone 5 / 4S Will Be ‘World Phone’ – Verizon CFO

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Apple’s Verizon iPhone 4 and iPad 2 features Qualcomm MDM6600 chip which is capable of supporting both GSM and CDMA technology. This has lead to speculation and discussion about Apple’s next gen smartphone (iPhone 5 / 4S) being a ‘world phone’.

Verizon Wireless’ CFO Fran Shammo during an investor conference call last month noted that the fifth gen iPhone will be a dual-mode world phone. And now, Reuters is reporting that Verizon chief has reaffirmed this:

Verizon’s [next iPhone] version will also work in as many countries as AT&T’s iPhone, which has global coverage,

Additionally, while talking the possibility of LTE iPhone this year Shammo said, “I think it’s a bigger issue for Apple than it is for us,” which clearly indicates that Apple continues to feel that the current gen chips which support LTE are not yet ready for iOS devices as it could possibly lead to compromising on the devices’ “legendary battery life” and design.

Apple invests a lot of resources in designing its products and changing the design in just one year wouldn’t be something which the company would be looking into.

It is widely believed that Apple’s next phone will be called “iPhone 4S” and not “iPhone 4G” as the next generation device with support HSPA+ which is faster than 3G but not as fast as true 4G speeds.

iPhone 4S being a ‘world phone’ makes perfect sense as the Cupertino, Calif. based company could be looking at streamlining their product line further and make every iPhone model dual-mode.

Apple is expected to introduce the new iPhone this September which will support A5 processor which will boost the graphics and overall performance of the phone.

[via BGR]


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