Could Apple’s iPad 2 Boast Light Peak Port in that Mystery Slot?

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An expected update to Apple’s line of MacBook Pros later this week may see the debut of the company’s high speed Light Peak port, but could the port also feature in the second-generation iPad? Many of the third-party iPad 2 cases that have been discovered in recent weeks have included a cutout for a “mystery port” at the bottom of the device, and new speculation from MacRumors is questioning whether this could be the home of a new Light Peak port for the device.

The vast majority of cases picked up by the media recently have all been very similar in design – suggesting that case manufacturers are all working from the same document – and while these documents can sometimes be slightly off the mark, early case designs often give away some of the juicy details regarding upcoming Apple hardware, as MacRumors points out in their story.

Though recent reports have suggested this “mystery port” could be home to an iPad USB port, or even a Mini DisplayPort connector, prototype Light Peak connectors have used a hybrid USB 3 port and could therefore be confused with a regular USB. However, the fact that not all of these iPad 2 cases have this port may also suggest that whatever’s going to be through that hole may be something that many users can live without access to most of the time, and that some case manufacturers are choosing not to include the port for this reason.

Cult of Mac believes that the port is most likely to be where the iPad 2’s SIM slot will be. This makes sense – take a range of iPhone 4 cases on the market today and you’ll find that while some manufacturers choose to leave you access to the SIM slot, others will cover it up knowing you’re not going to need to get to it that frequently. This could very well be the case with the upcoming iPad.

Whether or not the iPad 2 will feature a Light Peak port I’m sure won’t be proven until Apple announces the device. MacRumors does emphasize that their suggestion of this port is entirely speculative, and only Apple themselves will know for sure whether it’s coming.

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  • Andrew

    What if it is just an IR Port, it would be good to go to remote for the Apple TV and it turn the TV to the right input. Or be able to change the channels on the TV right from the iPad.

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