Apple’s iOS 5 Beta 1 Hints at iPod touch 5G (Fifth Gen)

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A few lines of code found in Apple’s iOS 5 has revealed references to an unannounced device which could possibly be the iPod touch 5G (fifth gen). A developer at ifans forums found reference to “iPod 4,2” in the resources of the first beta whereas the current gen model is referred to as “iPod 4,1”.

iPod touch is Apple’s best selling iPod and is due for a refresh during the annual music event held in September. iPod touch often features technical specifications similar to the iPhone. For instance, when A4 chip was introduced in iPhone 4 it made it to the fourth gen iPod touch too.

Apple iPod touch 5GIf Apple were to announce iPhone 5 in September with dual-core A5 chip it’s certainly possible that the fifth gen iPod touch would also features the same SoC. It’s important to note that references to “iPod 4,2” have been found in previous versions of iOS 4 so it’s not very clear if this could be the next iPod touch.

Another interesting observation is that the code does not mention “iPod 5,1” which would have been a solid indicator for the next gen iPod touch however, it’s possible that Apple is planning a modest update as opposed to a major re-design.

References to third gen iPads (iPad 3,1 and iPad 3,2) have also been found in iOS 5.0 which strongly suggests that the Cupertino based company is looking at introducing two versions of the hugely popular tablet – WiFi and world 3G models.

Do you think  Apple will introduce an all-new design for the next gen iPod touch? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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