Apple’s iOS 4.3 To Get Hotspot Feature?

 In Mobile Technology

With Verizon’s iPhone 4 bring announced yesterday, a feature we all noticed straight away was the ability to use the handset as a personal hotspot. When switched on, up to five devices can use the iPhone 4 as a wifi hotspot much like many of the newer Android phones.

The good news for people who don’t happen to be Verizon customers is that there is a possibility the personal hotspot feature could be coming to iOS 4.3 according to and iPhoneHellas.

The bad news is that the whole shebang could be something that would need to be allowed by the carriers, with individual carrier updates flipping the switch. This is how tethering currently works in iOS and would allow for one operating system for all iPhones without upsetting carriers.

If this does at least become an option, could this be the start a bright new feature where competition in the US iPhone benefits everyone?

Well, everyone except AT&T anyway.


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