Apple Makes Changes to Warranty Coverage in Australia in Compliance With Consumer Protection Laws

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Apple Warranty Coverage

Apple has made changes to its warranty coverage in Australia, adding an extra year to its current one year coverage. The Cupertino company quietly made this change after Australia passed a consumer protection law that state that companies are required to offer warranties for “a reasonable period from date of delivery until the failure becomes apparent”. Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald wrote up the warranty requirements, adding that employees at Apple Retail stores and AppleCare employees in the country have been notified of the coverage change.

On Friday, Apple’s Australian retail store staff and authorised Apple resellers were notified about a change to Apple’s internal policy on how it handled standard warranty claims.

Until now, many Apple consumers have reported on forums that store staff have only ever discussed with them a standard 12-month manufacturer warranty when selling, fixing or replacing Apple goods.

Apple has now changed this from 12 months to 24, which appears to bring it in line with Australian Consumer Law.

Currently, in other countries, Apple only offers customers a standard 12 months of warranty coverage which is now extended to 24 months only in Australia. In other countries, Apple sells an AppleCare plan which allows for extensions in warranty up to 3 additional years. Apple notes in a page on their website that Apple products purchased from a non Apple retailer will also have to meet Australia’s requirement and provide customers with an extended warranty.

Apple has dealt with this issue before, getting fined more than a million dollars by Italy after failing to comply with the country’s own consumer protection laws. It is unclear if the United States or other nations will implement the laws, however, it is becoming increasingly clear that Apple will need to begin adjusting its business practices for different regions as the company continues to expand to different parts of the world.

{Via MacRumors}


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