Apple TV iFixit teardown reveals 8GB storage, 256MB RAM

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With the second generation Apple TV starting to arrive all over the world, iFixit has done it’s usual teardown and found 8GB of storage. The chip, a Samsung K9LCG08U1M is the same toy as the one found inside the current generation iPad.

Since Apple announced the the removal of the option to buy movies and TV shows, moving to a rental only model, we’ve all been wondering how much storage, if any, the Apple TV would get. Obviously some storage is needed to cache streamed video, and with 8GB there’s plenty of space to hold a couple of HD streamed movies should the need arise. Bearing in mind the impressive $99 price-tag, having 8GB worth of storage in there is pretty amazing.

The discovery also means the possibility of a future app store, just like Steve Jobs recently alluded to.

During the tear-down iFixit also noticed 256MB of RAM, meaning the new Apple TV really is an iPad in a box. To drive that point home, iFixit points out that there’s even a space on the logic board where one of Apple’s 30-pin dock connectors could fit.

As for the much touted A4 CPU – also present in the iPhone 4, iPad and 4th gen iPod touch – this is the same part found in all but the iPhone, with the amount of onboard RAM being the difference there.

Now we just need the jailbreak!


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