Apple To Produce 10-12 Million iPad 2 Models in Q2 2011?

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Apple’s recent product launches have been hugely successful however, both the first gen iPad and iPhone 4 ran into delays either due to slow production or issues with paint.

The original iPad was certainly a blockbuster for Apple as they sold more than 15 million iPads in just 9 months but faced issues initially in being able to produce enough tablet computers to meet the demand. During iPhone 4 launch Apple was unable to offer the white iPhone 4 due to issues with the paint and it still remains unavailable.

But, now it seems that Apple is all geared up to overcome the challenges it faced during previous product launches with the iPad 2 launch.

Digitimes reports that Apple aims to take delivery of 40 million iPads from its suppliers in 2011. 2-3 million iPads would be pushed before the end of this quarter and around 10-12 million iPad 2 models would be produced in the second quarter.

Apple’s target to take delivery of 40 million iPads from Taiwan suppliers in 2011 remains unchanged with shipment volume expected to top 6-6.5 million units, including over three million iPad 2 models, in the first quarter and to further expand to 10-12 million units in the second.

After producing 1.7-2 million units of the first-generation iPad in January, Apple began to phase out production of the old model in February, while beginning to roll out the iPad 2, according to component suppliers in Taiwan. Shipments of iPad 2 are expected to top 2-3 million units in March, the sources added.

Apple will be offering the white iPad 2 from day one which confirms the fact that white paint issue has been fixed and we could expect the white iPhone 4 soon too.

During the second gen iPad keynote Steve Jobs said that Apple currently holds more than 90% market share and it would be interesting to see if they continue to retain the large share this year while facing tough competition from upcoming tablet PC’s.

{via MacRumors}


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