Apple iPad Announced Today! So What’s Next?

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It won’t be very much longer until we finally know the details of the Apple Tablet. The single object of ceaseless affection, obsession, and hours and hours of punditry will finally be out in the wild. And when the moment comes and passes, only one question will remain.

So what’s next?

Give it a week, may be two if we’re lucky, and the Apple rumor machine will rumble to life again. When it does, what will we talk about? What will fill the large void left in the wake of the Tablet? Well, if you’ve been paying attention you know there are already a couple of things starting to gain traction. And both of them involve the number 4.

The first 4 is iPhone OS 4.0. Some rumour blogs have stated that iPhone OS 4.0 is the Tablet OS and will drop with the Tablet on Wednesday. Another story that made the rounds earlier this week suggests the Tablet will run iPhone OS 3.2. If that is the case, and we aren’t introduced to 4.0 on Wednesday, it will undoubtedly be an object of speculation until its release. Boy Genius Report stated earlier this week the new operating systems features will include:

  • OS-wide multitouch functionality
  • multitasking
  • graphical and interface changes aimed at efficiency and improved user experience
  • improved contact and calendar syncing

The sad part of the rumored operating system is that it will only be available for iPhone 3G and 3GS vintage hardware or better. It seems 4.0 may leave first generation iPhone and iPod touch users out in the cold.

The second 4 is iPhone 4G. Its a new year and a new year means a new iPhone model to make everyone that bought last year’s model envious. Like last year’s 3GS, the 4G is rumored to focus on improvements on device hardware functionality and features. A report in the Korea Times stated the following major features of the forthcoming 4G:

  • OLED screens
  • live video chat functionality (which would imply a forward facing camera)
  • dual core processor
  • improved graphics chip
  • removable battery

Yes, that’s right. An iPhone with a removable and replaceable battery. Oh yeah, that OLED screen might be nice too.

So when the afterglow of the Apple Tablet has settled and you’re left to wonder how you’ll fill your days with idle speculation, remember this: its only January. There’s plenty of time for the Apple rumor machine to kick it back into high gear.

What do you think will be the next Apple product to dominate the hype cycle? Do you have a wishlist for either of the 4s due to come from Apple this year? Hit us up with a comment below.

By: Erin Peterson


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