Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs Misquotes Samsung VP, Doesn’t Care

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Yesterday’s iPad 2 announcement was full of the usual self-congratulatory hype that we’ve come to expect from Apple, but this time CEO Steve Jobs and team went a little further.
You may remember a couple of months ago that Samsung VP Lee Young-hee was quoted as saying that the Galaxy Tab’s sell-out was ‘quite small’. Later it was discovered that this was in fact the result of a translation error, with the correct quote being ‘quite smooth’.
This however didn’t stop el-Jobso from quoting the original, incorrect version during the iPad 2 announcement. Whether this was a genuine mistake or not we’ll probably never know, but we at Touch Reviews find it hard to believe that the people in Cupertino aren’t aware of the correction.

As Engadget points out, the overall story is probably still correct – Samsung’s sales numbers for its Android tablet just don’t compare with iPad. Still, it does leave a bitter taste in the mouth, nonetheless.


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