Apple Comes a Solid Number One in Reliability Survey

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Apple Comes a Solid Number One in Reliability Survey

A few times a year various entities carry out reliability surveys on key consumer electronics. One of the more respected ones is PC World’s annual service and reliability survey.

Apple (AAPL) has a great record for customer service, and reliability, despite the impression that you may get from the main stream press. And this year is no exception.

With a record 79,000 responses to its survey Apple came top in the laptop and desktop category. There were some more average scores in areas where the iPhone 4 was involved. But a lot of that was related to the Antenna-gate debacle, and occasions where replacing components was not as fast as customers would like.

Asus was close behind Apple in laptops and computers, while Dell for Home and HP for Home brought up the rear in the survey.

Motorola edged out Apple in the smartphone category. They have always made solid devices, it must be said. “Apple fans love the iPhone,” wrote Bertolucci, “but they’re not particularly thrilled with AT&T”

The full survey is worth a read if you have time…

What do you think about the survey findings? Have your say in the comments…


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