Apple (AAPL) Ships More Phones than Motorola For 2nd Quarter Running

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motorola vs apple cellphone shipments

For the second quarter in a row Motorola reported shipping less mobile phones than Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL). To give you an idea of how the smart phone industry has been turned on its head since the arrival of Apple, Silicon Alley Insider have produced some great statistics.

In Q2 2007, for instance — the quarter when Apple first started selling the iPhone — Motorola shipped 35.5 million units, including the 100 millionth Razr.

In June this year Apple shipped 8.4 million iPhones. Compared to the 8.3 million phones of all types that Motorola shipped.

Of those 8.3 million, only 2.7 million were Android based.

If the iPhone business fails for Apple for some reason, then they have many other arms of Apple to fall back on. All, apart from the iPod Touch, are growing exponentially. And the iPod business is only being impacted by Apple’s own iPad business. So no biggie.

Motorola’s business, however, is the phone business.

Do you see some big companies like Motorola failing in the future? Or do you think they will fight back with Android? Have your say in the comments…

[Business Insider]


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