Apple Sells Close To 1 Million iPad 2 Models In Its First Weekend

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It is hardly surprising that Apple has reportedly run short on supplies of the iPad 2 as we entered this week. Over its first weekend the iPad 2 is reported to have sold in numbers close to 1 million units. For some perspective, the original iPad took 28 days to sell 1 Million units!

Whilst a 1 Million unit sales figure for the iPad 2 is still based on analyst’s estimates, they are rooted in some fairly comprehensive canvassing of retail outlets selling the iPad 2. Apparently a very large number of Apple stores had sold out of the iPad 2 by Saturday afternoon, and no new supplies arrived on Sunday. Currently Apple’s online store is listing 4 – 5 weeks for delivery of an iPad 2 ordered today.

Best Buy were reported to have sold out of the iPad 2 within 10 minutes of opening.
And the story continues in an familiar manner across other outlets.

It is not surprising that the iPad 2 has sold so briskly compared to the original. Both were astounding successes at launch. But each in different ways. The original iPad as a breakout change of direction for mobile computing. And the iPad 2 as a far more impressive update than expected to the now well established tablet market leader.

At this point the general consensus among pundits seems to be that if you are simply going to keep trying to copy Apple you are not going to steal market share. As you are only producing a copy in your customers’ eyes. Some are hopeful that Blackberry’s Playbook tablet will offer some originality, and some positive differences from the dominant iPad. Others are hoping that Google can fix the OS on Motorola’s Xoom. I am too. If only to spur Apple into responding again with yet another fantastic iteration of the iPad 3 next year.

Apple’s tablet market share is expected to stabilise at around 61% in 2011. Which is a massive chunk to hold onto with so many other companies starting to compete in the same market place.

How did you rate the iPad 2’s first weekend in the world?┬áHave your say in the comments…

{via Reuters}


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