Apple (AAPL) Taking Over RIM’s Enterprise

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Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is growing at a rapid rate at the moment, and the increased popularity of both their Mac computers and the outstanding success of their iPhones has proved this. Now the Cupertino company has stolen the enterprise market from right under RIM’s nose, and Steve Jobs doesn’t think they’ll be taking it back anytime soon.

Earlier this week, Steve announced that Apple had overtaken the Canadian based BlackBerry creator: “We’ve now passed RIM and I don’t see them catching up with us in the foreseeable future.” And Canadian analyst Michael Walkley of Canacord Genuity agrees with him.

Walkley told the National Post daily that, in his view, Apple’s iOS – which runs on both the iPhone and iPad – would continue to gather smartphone and tablet market share. Walkley also compared the 10,000 apps currently available for BlackBerry devices with the 300,000 now available through Apple’s App Store. Furthermore, the analyst noted that Android’s disjoined open app market was also no match for the App Store in quantity.

According to Sameet Kanade, a financial analyst with Northern Securities, a real threat for RIM is its lack of profile in consumer markets. “Although RIM is attempting to make gains in this area as highlighted by the recent acquisition of California-based Cellmania, we believe the gap between RIM and the two leading competitors (Apple and Google) in the consumer market is increasing every quarter,” Kanade said.

He continued about enterprise with, “We believe the potential adoption of the iPhone by key RIM enterprise users may have a domino effect, creating further market disruption for RIM.”

[via 9to5 Mac]


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