Apple Retail Stores to Start Stocking iPhone 5 Cases in Late October

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iPhone 5 case covers

Apple will begin stocking iPhone 5 cases in bulk by the end of this month according to multiple sources, allowing users of the newest iPhone to simply walk into a store and access a range of different cases for their device. With the iPhone 5, Apple did not introduce a case of their own, leaving the development entirely up to third party manufacturers.

9to5Mac reported that their sources point to the week of October 22 as the timeframe in which Apple will begin to stock third party cases but also noted that this time could change based on the availability of supplies to produce the cases.

Companies such as Belkin and Griffin are longtime partners of Apple for producing third party cases for iOS and Mac products, and will likely be the first companies to make their iPhone 5 cases available in Appleā€™s retail stores. iPhone 5 cases that protect the edges and back of the device are likely to be popular because the new aluminum enclosure on the 5 is prone to scratches, more than previous generations of the iPhone.

Do you own an iPhone 5? Are you going to pick up case when they go on sale?


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