Apple Retail Stores Replace iMac with the new iPad in Kids Section

Apple has replaced the popular iMacs at the kids section of the Apple Store with iPads. First noticed by iMore, Apple appears to be taking a more compelling approach to drawing in kids and essentially starting them off with a product that a number of children are familiar with.

Apple Stores have been using iMacs in the kids section for quite some time now, loaded up the screens with kid friendly applications and games. Apple’s strategy behind replacing the iMacs is an excellent way for the company to appeal to a younger generation and build relationships with their future customers.

Apple has also replaced the display cards next to products with iPads, as well as the Macbook Pros at the Genius Bar previously, the kids section being the latest change. Apple may also look into replacing the Genius Bar registration computers with iPads.

The iPad is no doubt the future of Apple’s line-up and will be leading Apple into a whole new era of portable computing. The iPad is slowly becoming a bigger part of the daily operations of Apple’s retail stores.


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