Apple Retail Stores Now Using iPad 2 To Give Product Information

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Apple today took the wraps off its updated Apple Retail Stores just as expected, with the alterations coinciding with the 10th anniversary of the company’s foray into running its own retail stores (give or take a few days).

The standout change was the removal of all paper literature – no more paper pamphlets or cards displaying product information. But what to replace them with….

In a move that we have to say makes perfect sense, Apple has taken the step of removing all existing product detail cards and replacing them with interactive alternatives running on the company’s iPad 2. Each desk has a few iPads displaying information on the products it’s sat beside, whether that be an iPhone, Mac or slightly confusingly, an iPad.

Photos of the newly revamped stores have been circulating since stores in Australia began to open this morning thanks to MacStories among others.

Apple Retail iPad 2 Interactive DisplayApple Retail Store iPad 2 DisplayAs if the addition of iPads displaying product information wasn’t enough, the bespoke app they’re running can even call a member off staff should you require attention. Of course, that does rely on your particular Apple Store possessing enough bodies to keep up with demand – something we’re not sure will be the case if our local store is anything to go by!

An added bonus for Apple is the passive advertising of its own tablet device. What better way to get people to try out a new form of computer than have them flicking and swiping one to buy their iPod or Mac? We’re fairly confident Apple will sell plenty of iPads just on the back of someone falling in love with one when they arrive in-store to buy something else.

Is that the real reason Apple has splashed the cash to refit all its stores with umpteen iPads just for displaying product information? Considering they already can’t make enough iPads to meet demand, we’re not sure they’d need to resort to such tactics just yet!


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