Apple’s Retail Self-Checkout Service a Success, Looking to Promote in Grand Central Store

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Apple introduced a new EasyPay Self-Checkout service last month in its retail stores, allowing the purchase of products to be simplified to the point, where an employee is no longer required. With the Apple Store app, customers can simply ring up an item in the retail store with their iPhone camera and enter their credit card information. After that, the customer can simply walk out of the store without the help of an employee.

A report from CNBC on Tuesday revealed that Apple is experiencing great success with the new service and is looking to promote the service heavily at the new Grand Central store in New York City. The Grand Central store has no walls, and no doors, allowing customers to easily purchase a product and go. The report does not show any data or evidence on performance of the program but simply states that it is doing well.

Apple’s self checkout revolution may have seemed a bit crazy, but it’s apparently working out.

That’s what I hear from a source familiar with Apple’s retail operation.

The intelligence I’m getting is that the benefits of the new system are outweighing any negatives.

Apple noted earlier in the month that they envision Self Checkout as the future of purchasing in all Apple retail stores. It is very likely that with the great number of iPhones in the hands of customers, the Self Checkout could become the common form of purchases in Apple Stores.

Apple’s promotion at the Grand Central store is also very important, due to the fact that Grand Central connects multiple train lines from multiple cities into one hub and could reach a much larger audience. Apple’s Grand Central Store is set to open this Friday, December 9th at 10:00AM ET.

{via MacRumors}


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