Apple Reportedly Testing Network Quality Prior to Enabling LTE

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Apple Testing Network Quality Prior to Enabling LTE

According to a report from, Apple is testing LTE network quality on carrier’s that sell the iPhone. Apple is doing this to ensure that its customers are given the data speeds that they are promised when they buy an iPhone with LTE connectivity. Carriers that pass Apple’s quality test, will have the feature enabled on the iPhone 5 for that specific network. This means that, users may have to wait quite some time in certain areas as their carriers are tested or if their carrier does not pass the quality test and does not get LTE enabled right away.

Swisscom launched its LTE network this week although the iPhone 5 was not available as an LTE device at launch. “Apple will provide a software update in due course,” the firm said in a press release.

Carriers normally run tests to make sure that the device would operate on theri network, however, phone manufacturers typically don’t conduct such tests. This shows Apple’s control over the carrier’s and their dedication to making sure customers are satisfied. Due to this quality test, unlocked iPhone 5’s will not operate on networks that are not approved by Apple.

Users with unlocked iPhone 4/4S’ are able to connect to other networks that do not sell the iPhone such as T-Mobile. However, with this new test, Apple has gained complete control over which carriers will be allowed LTE access on the iPhone 5.

{Via iMore}


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