Apple Reportedly Testing New Genuis Bar Design for Increased Capacity

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Apple’s Retail Stores have been increasing in numbers all over the world and with millions of customers visiting each store, the company is devising new ways to organize and help each of them. Each retail store is expected to generate profit, and with Apple’s “open” format, the visitors who come in to check out Macs, iPods, and iPhones are the customers. According to a report from ifoAppleStore, Apple is testing out a new layout for the Genius Bar to create more space and allow one genius to help more customers at the same time. The Genius’ would use iPads to access records and set up customers as opposed to the MacBooks that bolted onto the bar. An image of the new Genius Bar shows a 10 foot long counter with stools on both sides and is now moved 15 inches from the rear wall of the store.

According to the report, this is done to allow the employees to move to either side of the table. As a result, Genius’ can now likely switch customers easily, and in any situation can move them to another section of the table if necessary. Cables and electronics set up for the Bar are visible below the table, and drawers for the equipment and replacement supplies are still located in the rear wall. The drawers are part of the wall, as they are now and stay out of the way, until a product needs to be taken out. With this new design, Apple will now be removing the popular kids section and will enlarge and revamp many stores to accommodate space.

Earlier this year, Apple replaced the iMacs in the Kids section with the iPad, and will likely now move the entire kids section near the iPad tables. The Bar, turned 90 degrees, allows smaller stores, in malls and other locations to accommodate, more tables and more product displays. The new redesign fits in nicely with Apple’s push to make their stores more mobile and efficient. In the past, Apple set up employees with iPods and iPads for ringing up sales, replaced glass information cards with iPads, and created personal setup tables for helping a customer and getting them out of the store in as little time as possible.

{Via ifoAppleStore}


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