Apple Reportedly Planning New Santa Clara Campus

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Apple New Santa Clara Campus

Apple is reportedly planning yet another campus as the company continues to grow each year. According to The Oakland Tribune, Apple has already negotiated and finalized a deal with developer Peery Arrillaga to build a two building campus in Santa Clara, California. This is the third campus that Apple has in California, including the original at 1 Infinite Loop, the planned Apple Campus 2 and now this one in Santa Clara.

Apple and Peery Arrillaga declined to discuss the development and leasing deal. However, multiple sources with direct knowledge of the transaction told this newspaper that Apple has leased nearly 296,000 square feet from Peery Arrillaga in a deal that included demolition of existing buildings.

The new campus is reportedly two six story buildings that will be able to provide space for 1,200 Apple employees. The first building is expected to be completed in mid-2014, while the second will follow suit in 2016. The two buildings occupy a total of 296,000 square feet, with the first building being 188,000 feet, and the second, 108,000 square feet.

As Appleā€™s stock price continues to rise each quarter, the company is now beginning to expand its campuses, as well as its international presence and even the number of retail stores here in the United States.

{Via MacRumors}


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