Apple Replacing 1st Generation iPod nano With 6th Gen Model

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Last month, Apple introduced a replacement program for 1st generation iPod Nano models sold between a certain time period in 2005. Apple shipped customers a box, which would allow the customer to return the defective device to Apple, and would receive a brand new 1st generation device. However, in recent reports from numerous sources, customers who were receiving the serial
numbers for their new devices discovered on Apple’s warranty website that it was registered under a newer sixth generation device.

Today, a number customers reported that they actually recieved a newer 6th generation iPod nano after shipping out the older models a few weeks ago.

Just received our replacement today – Fedex truck pulled up late in the evening. Inside was our replacement for our 1st gen ipod nano that was sent into Apple 1 month ago.

It’s a 6th generation ipod nano, serial number shows that warranty has expired. Not sure if that means that it’s a refurbished model or if it’s a brand new model and they’ve deactivated the warranty. It’s silver.

Apple launched the iPod nano in 2 GB and 4 GB capacities priced at $199/$249 back in September 2005, adding a $149 1 GB model a few months later. The current 6th gen device now sports a 1.5 inch touchscreen, running a stripped down version of iOS, and is available in 8 GB ($129) and 16 GB ($149). Users who recieved 1st gen models as replacements will not be able to exchange. However, any users who have not yet recieved a replacement unit will liekly recieve the newer 6th gen device.

Apple stopped manufacturing the 1st generation devices and most likely ran out of replacement units, and will now be sending out the newer iPod Nano’s with one year warranty instead of the proposed 90 day warranty on 1st generation replacements.


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  • Nancybevis

    I just received my IPOD 6th generation replacement and its crap.  I replaced my shuffle with the Nano 1st generation because I kept washing it cause it was so small and kept leaving it in the pocket.   This unit is definitely not a comparable model!   After talking to the manager in customer service, they advised there is nothing that can be done, except that I could write to Apple Corporate with my comments and its highly doubtful I would get a response back, lovely customer service  response for an upset customer!

  • Anonymous

    I received my replacement for the Gen 1 Nano. It’s a Gen 6 unit, all right. I had seen these in the Apple stores, and was not as impressed with them there as after using it in hand for a day. How nice! I’m sure glad I had put my old dead Nano 1 in a drawer!

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