Apple Removes Camera Option in iPhone (iPad) OS 3.2 SDK beta 4 [Images]

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iPad SDK 3-2 beta 3 camera

Almost every soon to be released Apple product goes through a lot of speculation before it is officially available. The iPad has undoubtedly become one of the most discussed topics in the blog-o-sphere and there has been speculation regarding its hardware and software since the time it was first announced by Steve Jobs.

The first rumor which became very popular followed from the iPad video featured on Apple website which displayed flash based section as it appears on desktops, which implied that the iPad supports flash. The video was later updated and now it shows the missing flash based content to reflect iPad’s inability to show flash content.

Yesterday Apple released iPhone (iPad) SDK 3.2 beta 4 which finally ends all speculation regarding the possibility of  camera on the device which will be available on April 3 in US Apple stores.

In iPad SDK 3.2 beta 3 when the Photos app was launched for a few seconds you used to be able to choose between camera and photos (image 1), before it would go to next view (image 2), it can be presumed that the iPad simulator was checking for a camera. iPad SDK 3.2 beta 4 does not give you any option to choose between photos or camera and it only shows the pictures in your library (image 3)

The reason why the camera option appeared when photos app was launched in beta 3 is not very clear and the only assumption that we can make is that since iPad OS is essentially based on iPhone OS therefore Apple probably didn’t pay much attention or didn’t expect it to become such a hot topic for discussion. It is safe to say that the next version of iPad (being tested in Apple’s secret lab!)  will certainly support a camera.


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