Apple Releases iOS 5 Beta 7 to Developers

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Apple earlier today released iOS 5 beta 7 to developers. The seventh beta version of the software according to the release notes fixes some bugs and also fixes the iTunes Match streaming “issue”. 

When Apple updated iTunes and iOS devices enabling developers to subscribe to iTunes Match service and test it many reports suggested that the new services would allow streaming of content. 

However, according to AllThingsD Apple was quick to point out that the device did not stream any content and the songs were still required to be downloaded locally in order to access them.

The company has been fairly consistent in releasing new beta versions of iOS 5. Each update seems to be more stable that the previous and also introduces some minor changes in UI or features. 

It is widely believed that iOS 5 could officially be made available during the announcement of iPhone 5.

The upcoming iOS 5 is a major software update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. It will enable users to sync and activate their devices wirelessly, introduce new features like Notification Center, iMessage, Newsstand, Reminders and much more.

This will truly make iOS devices “PC free”. It will also enable Apple to gain market share as many people who want to buy an Apple device do not prefer connecting to a computer for syncing.

The update is available for download from the developer portal. An active developer account is required to access the beta version of iOS 5.


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