Apple Tried to Recover Lost iPhone 5 Prototype

Earlier this week a news report published by CNet revealed that an Apple employee may have lost iPhone 5 prototype at a bar. The incident reportedly took place in late July when an employee left the prototype device in San Francisco Mexican restaurant and bar called Cava 22.

Apparently, Apple since then has been trying to locate and get a hold of the iPhone 5 prototype. The company reportedly was able to track the device to a two-floor home in the city’s Bernal Heights neighbourhood. The person who lives in the building did confirm that he was present at the bar on the same night the prototype went missing however, he denied any knowledge concerning the device.

The story gets even more interesting as the report mentions that the house of the person who Apple visited was searched by policemen along with company’s employees and found nothing and even offered him some money. However, when PCMag approached San Francisco Police Department they couldn’t confirm or deny if there was a police report about the incident.

…relatively routine to work with a private company’s security when investigating a theft, but couldn’t think of another case where company reps accompanied uniformed officers into a private residence.

And now according to a report published by SFWeekly the man whose home was searched has come forward and described how he was harassed by people “who said they were cops”.

It’s possible that Apple security personnel carried out the investigation however, the man whose house was searched said that the people who visited his home claimed to be from the San Francisco Police Department. If Apple employees did try to impersonate police officers then it would be considered as a crime.

After searching for the lost iPhone 5 prototype one person reportedly left his contact number so that he could be contacted if the device was found. When Reporters for SFWeekly called the number they got Anthony Colon, who confirmed that he was an Apple employee. His LinkedIn profile further confirmed his job as a senior investigator for Apple.

If this entire search event turns out to be true the it could be big trouble for Apple and the people involved. Many would recall that last year iPhone 4 prototype was lost in a similar fashion and then later sold to a tech blog who uncovered the unannounced phone.

Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 5 during an event that is expected to be scheduled at the end of September or early October. The fifth gen iPhone is rumored to feature dual-core A5 chip, more RAM, 8 megapixel camera and a thinner design.


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  1. Galaxy S2 already has 8mp camera, thinner design and dual core. Samsung doesn’t need to “loose” phones in bars to make headlines

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