Apple posts new iPad 2 TV Ad “We’ll Always”

Apple iPad 2 Tv Ad We will always

Apple recently posted a new iPad 2 TV ad “We’ll Always” that follows the same theme as in previous advertisements. Just like the ad titled “Now” and “If You Asked” the advert doesn’t highlight any hardware features but, focuses on user experience.

We’ll never stop sharing our memories or getting lost in a good book. We’ll always cook dinner and cheer for our favorite team. We’ll still go to meetings, make home movies, and learn new things. But how we do all this will never be the same.

Apple’s TV ads are very different from its competitors who have been heavily marketing hardware features like cameras, flash support and the processor speed. iPad 2 has been leading the way in the tablet market and if we consider the sales figures then it seems that the iPad continues to be the number one choice for customers worldwide.

Samsung, HP, Motorola and BlackBerry all have tablets available in the market but have found it hard to see the success Apple has had with the iPad.

Considering the fact that tablet computers have become successful after the release of iPad, Apple’s strategy to highlight all the things you can do with an iPad conveys just the right message to potential customers.

Apps mentioned in the ad include: iBooks, The Photo Cookbook, MLB, Fuze Meeting HD, iMovie and Alphabet Fun.

Check out the ad below and let us know what you think.