Apple Posts New iPhone 5 TV Ads, ‘Orchestra’ and ‘Turkey’

iPhone 5 TV Ad Orchestra Turkey

iPhone 5 TV Ad Orchestra TurkeyApple is continuing to market its iPhone 5 as the latest and greatest iPhone to date. The Cupertino, California based company introduced the iPhone 5 a little over a month ago and has since then aired a number of television ads for the device. On Friday, Apple introduced and posted two new TV ads for the iPhone 5, called ‘Orchestra’ and another called ‘Turkey’.

‘Orchestra’ focuses on the noise cancelling microphone on the backside of the iPhone, that helps during a call. Apple uses video of an orchestra playing very loudly, followed by the narrator asking the maestro to turn it down, insisting that the microphone does something similar when a user is on a call.

Excuse me, maestro? Bring it down please!
That’s what happens to background noise when you’re making a call on this.
This microphone here picks up the sounds around you and helps turn them down.
So when the world gets noisy, calls sound better.

Apple’s second ad for the iPhone 5, ‘Turkey’ focuses on the Shared Photo Streams feature on iOS 6. The ad specifically identifies Thanksgiving and shows the iPhone 5 being used for taking pictures at a Thanksgiving dinner, followed by the images being shared via Photo Stream.

Well, it’s that time of year again.
You know, picture taking season?
And, with Photo Stream, you can share all the photos you want.
With just the people you want.
It’s as easy as pie. Mmmm… pie.

{Via MacRumors}


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