Apple Posts New iPad 2 TV Ad “If You Asked”

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Apple on Tuesday posted a new iPad 2 TV ad “If You Asked” on its website. The advertisement describes the user experience as intuitive, inspiring, ground breaking, powerful, the future and magic. But if you asked Apple they would say, “it’s just getting started.”

This ad just like all other Apple product advertisements focuses on user experience as opposed to focussing on hardware specifications. iPad competitors are trying their best to come up with the best CPU, more RAM and better cameras but they seem to have forgotten that it’s not just about offering better specs but offering a great user experience too. And this is where most tablets have failed to compete with Apple’s iPad.

iPad 2 is truly the best tablet available in the market at this moment. All other tablets available up-till now haven’t been able to sell as many iPads as Apple which clearly shows that end users continue to vote for Apple with their wallets.

The tablet market is in it’s early stage of evolution where every year we’ll see this product maturing further. Apple has certainly taken the lead and will continue to play an important role in defining this product category.

Checkout the latest ad below and let us know what you think about the iPad 2.


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