Apple (AAPL) Plans New Retail Store in El Paso

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Apple Retail Store El Paso

ifoAppleStore recently reported that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is planning to open a new retail store in El Paso, Texas, roughly two miles from the border of Mexico. The store is planned to be built on the ground floor of the local Cielo Vista Mall, which makes up about 16% of retail sales in El Paso. Nearby, in another location in El Paso, a more upscale mall is preparing for an Apple Store in 2012, however, Apple chose to build in Cielo Vista for obvious reasons.

Currently, the Cielo Vista mall is the ideal location for an Apple Store as the closest store to this location is over in neighboring state, New Mexico, which means this new retail outlet will be the go to store for El Paso residents. According to a recent study, El Paso is the fourth most Apple-Loyal region in all of America, which makes it a great location for Apple retail store.

The Cielo Vista location is expected to open as early as next year. Now El Paso residents will be receiving two Apple locations within months, possibly building more loyalty in the region.

Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs has often stated that the retail stores have played a huge role in making its products successful. The stores allow customers to experience the latest products, ask questions and seek solutions to their problems. The company has been continually expanding its retail footprint and it will be interesting to see where the next store opens.

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