Apple Planning New ‘Spaceship’ Campus In Cupertino

It seems a visit to Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference at San Francisco’s Moscone Center wasn’t enough work for the company’s CEO this week, with Steve Jobs also attending a council meeting to present proposals for a new Apple campus in Cupertino.

To be built on the 150 acre old HP campus Apple bought earlier this year, the new home would house 13000 employees, up from the just less than 10000 currently housed at 1 Infinite Loop.

What stands out the most about the proposed building is its design. One large circular building, the proposed campus would be four floors-tall and feature its own under-ground parking to enable the surrounding areas to become home to newly planted trees and greenery.

Jobs called the structure a ‘spaceship’ and few looking at the designs would disagree.

When he offered to field questions, Jobs was faced with a councilor asking for free WiFi to be provided to Cupertino residents as part of the deal. A quick-thinking Jobs offered to provide such facilities if Apple were no longer required to pay taxes. We’re fairly sure which way that one will go!

If Apple’s plans get the go ahead they plan to begin construction next year and move into their new home in 2015. Now we know where all that money goes!

Check out the full 20 minute video for a insight into just what Apple has planned for its lucky employees and to witness yet another celebrity-style reception for the Apple co-founder and CEO.

{Source: 9to5 Mac}


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