Apple To Pay $53 Million in iPhone Warranty Settlement

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Apple iPhone Warranty Settlement

After a number of lawsuits in San Francisco regarding the iPhone’s liquid sensor in the charging and headphone port. Apple has reportedly agreed to pay out $53 million in the settlement, after the company has been accused of not honoring the device’s one year standard warranty on the grounds that the liquid sensor had been activated.

However, in these cases, the customers claimed that the liquid sensor was and can be activated by humidity in the air. A number of iPhone users use their devices in places high in humidity such as in the bathroom during showers or in the kitchen as timers. This can cause the iPhone’s liquid sensor in the charging port to turn pink or red, which indicates to Apple’s Genius staff that the device had contact with some type of liquid.

The liquid sensor consists of a white indicator tape, which according to the manufacturer, 3M, can be triggered by humidity in the air. A report from Wired noted 3M’s statement and wrote details on this issue. The iPhone has up to 4 sensors on the device, 2 that are visible externally and 2 internal. However, Apple has the right to turn away customers if any one of the sensors are pink or red. Many customers claim that this is an unfair rule and requires lots of out of pocket costs, even if it isn’t the consumer’s fault.

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