Apple Patent For Locking “Unauthorised Users” Out of Devices

Apple has filed a patent for methodology which allows iOS devices to be deactivate themselves, limit services, or completely wipe their storage based on set criteria. One of those criteria is loosely termed “hacking”. Which some take to mean jailbreak.

Other impressive sounding options in Apple’s patent is the ability for an iOS device to recognise users by image recognition or voice command, or even by heartbeat pattern, and react appropriately with regards to security features. Simply locking users it does not recognise out, or completely locking / wiping itself and then alerting the device’s owner via Twitter or MobileMe.

However, the jailbreak or hacking detection reference has some tech analysts worried that Apple may be planning to lock users out of their devices. While we think that is unlikely, it is possible that Apple may choose to follow Microsoft’s lead with online services and ban jailbroken devices from Game Center, or other services for which Apple potentially will be providing bandwidth for.

Do you think Apple will choose to persecute users who jailbreak their devices? Let us know your views in the comments.



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