Apple’s Patent Application Hints at iPod Nano with Camera and Situation Aware Background

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iPod nano 7th gen camera

Today, Patently Apple reported that Apple Inc. (AAPL) filed a patent application back in November of 2009 of what seems to be the sixth generation iPod Nano that was introduced last September. However, it’s interesting to see that the patent shows what appears to be a section under Settings for a camera as well as situation aware backgrounds. The patent is illustrated with what looks like the current iPod Nano, except it is displaying the same raindrop background that was introduced with iOS 4.

In other images provided within the patent application, it is clearly visible that the background moves with the iPod, clearly aware of which way it’s being turned or whether it is being held a specific way, possibly through the use of a rear-facing camera.

It is unclear whether Apple is looking to introduce this new technology in the seventh generation iPod Nano, or if it was part of an earlier design that was later scrapped. The annual September iPod refresh is only a few months away and Apple has yet to wow customers with a major change to the iPod Nano, especially after eliminating the click wheel and the camera. We’ll have to wait and see, until then, stick around, we’ll keep you updated.

[via MacRumors]


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