Apple Overtakes Nokia in Global Smartphone Market Share

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Apple Largest Smartphone Vendor in World

According to market research firm Strategy Analytics, Apple Inc. (AAPL) overtook Nokia in global smartphone market share during the second quarter.

Apple has now become worlds largest smartphone manufacturer as Nokia slipped to number three and Samsung coming close at second position. The global smartphone market saw 110 million units being shipped which represented 76% growth. 

Apple shipped 20.3 million units and controlled 18.5% of the smartphone market whereas Samsung came very close with 19.2 million units in the same quarter. Nokia witnessed major drop as its market share fell from 38.1% to 15.2%.

Expansion in China and other Asian countries helped Apple’s growth in global smartphone market and analysts view the company’s ability to quickly expand in Asian markets as an important factor to retain the momentum.

As Nokia’s Ovi Store failed to gain traction and the fact that the company announced that newer handsets would support Windows platform caused the Finnish giant to lose major market share. 

Samsung on the other hand has shown very positive results as Android platform continues to grow. However, it’s worth noting that even though Apple ships just one new model every year the company has been reporting superb results year over year.

Apple is expected to announce iPhone 5 in September which could help the company post stellar results yet again in Q3 and Q4. With iOS 5 and iCloud iPhones would not need a computer to set up which will help in much higher sales especially in Asian countries.


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