Apple to Open Stores Early for UK iPad Launch Day



If you haven’t planned which Apple Store you are going to camp outside overnight in the UK this Thursday night to buy the iPad you can do so using this web page on Apple’s site.

In case you didn’t know already the Apple iPad finally goes on general sale in Stores in the UK this Friday!

Whether you’ll be at home Friday morning and planning to pop out at breakfast time to get one. Or you’ll be on the pavement outside an Apple Store. Do make sure you set your alarm clock for Friday morning. Because Apple are planning on opening early that day. You can pick up an iPad from 8am onwards. Expect queues!

The iPad will not only be available at Apple Stores either. From Friday onwards the iPad will also be in stock at 139 Currys and PC World stores across the UK. Dixons Group is said to have a 60 day exclusivity window to stock the iPad in its two electronics outlets.

With that many stores stocking the iPad, and Apple expecting them to sell like hot cakes (or like iPads even) you have plenty of places to try and get hold of one. But don’t wait too long as we suspect stocks will be limited. Supply problems persist in the US. Other countries are also getting iPads, and there are a bunch of anxious people with online orders still waiting for delivery too.

In fact after checking in with a few other people we know in Europe, apparently pretty much every country that Apple is launching the iPad in this Friday has store opening early at 8am! Good news, if you’re an early bird, or can’t sleep on iPad-eve!

If you are in the UK let us know your plans in the comments for Thursday night, or Friday morning.

And do make sure to send us an iconic shot with your iPad outside an Apple Store on Friday!


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