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Apple iPad engraving

With holiday season fast approaching Apple is gearing up for you to engrave a message on an iPad you buy for a loved one, or simply want to mark as yours and no-one else’s!

I’ve actually had an iPod engraved with the name of a software project that that device was used exclusively for developing. Sort of a personal memento of the project for me. And from first hand experience I can say that the quality is great, and apart from perhaps ruining your resale value, if you are that way inclined, it’s a fun option for any piece of personal gadgetry.

Apple have been funny about obscenities or questionable names and phrases used for these engravings in the past, so do choose your words carefully. And do make sure you check your spelling twice. One of my friends has a doozy of a spelling mistake on his iPod Touch. Always makes me chuckle and him cringe!

Apple will allow two lines of up to 36 characters each to be engraved just above the Apple logo on the back of any iPad you buy from their online store. As MacWorld point out that is about “half a tweets” worth!

Apple list a delay in delivery of between one and three days (over the normal “ships in 24 hours” promise) if you choose this option, but again in my experience, and that of several colleagues it rarely impacts shipping time at all.

Engraving an iPad is probably the digital equivalent these days of buying a diary, or a novel and having an inscription put inside the front cover. And it’s one of those things that makes your device unique and more personal, and it’s why Apple is a fun company to buy from.

Will you be choosing the engraving option when you buy an iPad?┬áLet us know on the comments…


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