Apple to offer free MobileMe services?

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Free MobileMe

Last month we reported that Apple’s MobileMe service could soon be free and today some MobileMe users are reporting a change in their ‘Account Type’.

If you are a MobileMe user you might notice a change in your preference panel under account status tab. The account status now says ‘Full Member’ which suggests that Apple might be looking at offering some free MobileMe services.

Apple’s WWDC 2010 kicks start on June 07 and it will be interesting to see if Steve Jobs will annoucne the new free MobileMe service during his opening keynote.



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  • Karen

    checked it out , I hadn't seen a change…. Thank you I'll keep checkin in! ; – )

  • docmurdock

    Sign out of your mobileme control panel and sign back in and you'll see the change. I just did. Of course there's no indication of what new things might be available although prior to this I seem to remember only having 10gb of space and now I have 20. 10 for mail and 10 for iDisk. Top That GOOGLE!!!

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