Apple Working on New Notification System for Next iOS Update?

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It’s long been a flaw in Apple’s iOS, and it’s something that many of us have resorted to jailbreaking in order to fix. What am I talking about? Notifications of course!

The current way of dealing with notifications in iOS just isn’t very…. Apple-like. By that I mean the modal, obtrusive windows that pops up when you receive an SMS, voicemail or push notification is far from elegant. To make matters worse there’s no way of seeing past messages, as each new one resigns all previous notifications to the scrap-heap, never to be seen or heard of again. It just sucks!

But fear not my iPhone-loving brethren, for if CultOfMac‘s source is to be believed, there could finally be light at the end of the tunnel.

According to the anonymous source, Apple is looking at buying an iOS app developing company that already has a push-related application in the iTunes App Store as the Cupertino outfit looks to finally end all our whining. Obviously the name of the developers wasn’t disclosed.

The current favourite for the role amongst the tech sites is Boxcar (though this writer much prefers Notifo), developed by App Remix. Boxcar is an app that enables notifications from all sorts of third party apps such as more Twitter apps than I can name, Facebook and the like. Could this be the basis for a buyout?

Unsurprisingly App Remix declined to comment.


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  • JF Martin

    The problem is only more evident with Boxcar. The problem lies in how notifications are handled… the famous alert popup that can spring 3, 4 5 times in a row like bombarding the user….. this is the real problem.

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