Apple’s New In-Store Pick Up and Self Checkout Process Revealed

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Apple In-Store Pickup and Self Checkout

New details about Apple’s In-Store pick up and the new Self Checkout process were recently revealed. BGR reported on the details of the new addition to Apple’s over 200 retails stores. Customers can now utilize the Retail Stores in order to manage online purchases, where a customer can purchase a product online and simply walk into a store and pick up the item without having to wait on line. Customers must give Apple Store employees time to set the reserved product aside.

Apple is also honoring engraved devices or other out-of-stock items, and will ship the items to your local Apple Store for free. Customers will then receive a push notification from the Apple Store Application that their products are ready. Products should be ready precisely 12 minutes after the customer receives the push-notification. Any customer unhappy with their online purchases can also return it to any of their local retail Apple Stores. Apple expects majority of its customers to use this new system of Retail and Online integration, something that Apple hadn’t fully incorporated into its sales until recently.

One of the best features in Apple’s new retail / online strategy is the new Self Checkout Process, entirely relieving the customer of having to deal with retail employees, while still receiving a retail experience. Apple is now allowing customers to purchase smaller accessories through the Apple Store App while in the store:

Here is how this will work: after you find the item you want to buy, like an accessory, you launch the Apple Store app on your iOS device and there will be an option to buy a product in the store. You scan the product with the camera on your device in the app, click purchase, and it will charge whatever credit card is associated to your Apple ID. You then just walk out of the store.

This new system will be particularly handy during the holiday season when an increase in retail staff still does not suffice for the thousands pouring into Apple retail stores. The new In-Store pickup and the Self Checkout Process will be launched Thursday, November 3rd.

{via MacRumors}


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  • TabgripforIpad

    I actually love that idea, since I’m one of those people that gets flustered when a retail person hovers over me, I get self conscious about buying or just simply browsing through their aisles. But then again, wouldn’t this be ripe for shoplifters? Or do they have a security measure in place already?

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