Apple goes after Meizu for M8 design


Apple has asked Chinese mobile phone making company Meizo to cease manufacturing its M8 Mobile Phone, and to also stop selling their current inventory. The only good news? Meizume is reporting the local Zhuhai government is supporting Meizu.

Meizu CEO Jack Wong reported via a forum post that Apple has forced his company to give its M8 handset to boot due to claims of copying the iPhone’s design – and considering Meizu has made a business out of doing just that they may have a point! Their handsets certainly look like iPhone clones though their OS has taken a turn away from iOS in recent iterations. Whether this will save them is unclear at present. If it doesn’t, Wong is clearly prepared to take the matter to court should Apple push it. He’s a brave, brave man!

Presumably the current state of affairs isn’t surprising anyone at Meizu, and their upcoming M9 phone should be safe from the recent furore thanks to its use of Google’s open(ish) Android operating system. This is Apple though, so anything is very much possible.

The M8 isn’t the first time Meizu has used a design similar to Apple’s. Many of the company’s MP3 players copied the design of Apple’s 5th generation iPod, along with the Nano.

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