Apple Manages To Overturn $625 Million Patent Verdict

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Apple has succesfully overturned a verdict over a patent relating to how documents are displayed on a computer screen – a decision worth over $625 million.

The Mirror Worlds patent was allegedly infringed upon by Apple’s Spotlight, Time Machine and CoverFlow software, and the original case was found in favor of the patent-holders though Apple challenged that decision.

Now a Federal Judge in Texas has overturned the original decision, saying Apple didn’t infringe the patents while also saying the settlement figure was too high. Apple had also tried to claim the Mirror Worlds patents were not valid, though the Judge disagrees.

“Mirror Worlds may have painted an appealing picture for the jury, but it failed to lay a solid foundation sufficient to support important elements it was required to establish under the law,” U.S. District Judge Leonard Davis wrote.

Mirror Worlds believed Apple has violated three of its patents and sued the Cupertino outfit back in 2008. The result went their way and the company had been awarded $208.5 million for each patent, resulting in a final cost of $625.5 million – a not inconsiderable amount even for a company as wealthy as Apple.

When asked for comment by Bloomberg, Apple declined. Mirror Worlds had yet to respond, probably too busy scurrying to find more patents to go after Apple for.


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