Apple to launch iPhone 4S and iPad 3 in October?

According to a new report published by Macotakara Apple could release the iPhone 4S and iPad 3 in October. Various reports we’ve highlighted in the past suggest that iPhone 5 will be announced in the coming month, but it is believed that along with fifth gen iPhone Apple could announce a low-cost version too.

According to sources, iPhone 4S which is based on iPhone 4(CDMA) and new iPad will be started produce since 1st week in September and will be shipped in late October.

Earlier this month The Guardian reported that iPhone 5 had entered the carrier testing phase and the handset according to sources was enclosed in a “dummy body”. This could be a possible reason for confusion between iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.

It is widely believed that the fifth gen iPhone will feature Apple’s dual-core A5 chip, more RAM, 8 megapixel camera, full HD 1080p recording and a thinner design.

A low cost “iPhone 4S” could help Apple penetrate the Asian Market further where Android has a strong hold. Android powered phone can cost as low as $150 (without any contract) in India which has one of the fastest growing telecom industry.

Even though we’ve been hearing rumors about iPad 3 it seems unlikely for Apple to introduce a newer version less than a year after the introduction of the second gen tablet.

Do you think Apple will launch iPad 3 in October? Are you looking forward towards iPhone 5 announcement next month? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


Ravin MohindruApple to launch iPhone 4S and iPad 3 in October?