Apple Job Posting Hints at Sprint iPhone 5 / 4S [Rumor]

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Sprint iPhone 5 4S

Earlier today, Apple posted a job posting for a “Carrier Engineer”. As noticed by, Stop It, AT&T, Apple posted the Job posting and was looking for someone in the Kansas City, Missouri area to work with carriers on technical issues. The job listing has since then been removed from Apple’s Job site, either because the requirement was filled or because of the media attention and speculation that it created.

Member of the Carrier Engineering team that supports taking products through technical approval at the carriers. A Carrier Engineer team is responsible for day-to-day technical interactions with the one or more carriers to track down issues reported by the carrier, assist the carrier with testing they might be conducting and working with program management, software development and test teams to get products approved by the carriers.

Apple usually does not hire in areas such as the Kansas City area and brings lots of suspicion and speculation about a Sprint iPhone 5 / 4S, since Sprint’s headquarters are located in the Kansas City suburb in Overland Park.

Just last week, Jeffries analyst speculated that Apple’s next generation iPhone will debut in September Sprint as well as T-Mobile USA, bringing the iPhone to all four major carriers in the US. If Misek’s claims as well as the Job posting do turn out to be for the new iPhone 4S, the September iPhone release will be the most interesting and buzz creating iPhone release, because of it’s combination of two carrier additions as well as a redesign.


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