Apple Job Posting Hints At Future Television

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According to a recent job posting by Apple, the Cupertino outfit could be working on a new television, reports 9to5 Mac.

What’s interesting here is the distinction between standalone displays and at TV. With Apple feeling it necessary to distinguish between the two, many are speculating that the fabled Apple Television could finally be on the horizon. Would people buy what would basically be a 40inch Cinema Display with built-in AppleTV? Maybe, maybe not.

Let’s not forget that rumours of a Television coming out of Cupertino have been around for a while now.¬†Entrepreneur¬†Jason Calacanis claimed a networked HDTV was on the cards all the way back in October 2008, though that obviously didn’t come to fruition.

The real question is whether Apple really needs to be entering a new market at this time. The iPhone is selling like hot-cakes, and a whole new category of computer was created when the iPad was launched in 2010. Just how thin can Apple’s resources be spread before they reach breaking point? The company is already notorious for having a surprisingly small staff – can they really work on so many avenues at once?

Of course if I could answer that question I’d be sat in a boardroom in Cupertino right now!


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