Apple Posts New iPhone 5 TV Ad “Music Every Day”

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iPhone 5 Music every day

Apple recently aired a new iPhone 5 TV ad spot called “Music Every Day”. The ad campaign is similar to “Photos Every Day” ad spot. The latest advertisement from Apple highlights the fact that more people enjoy music on their iPhone that any other phone.

Both music and photos ad spots target the fact that Apple has a huge customer base and that the customer who use iPhones are very satisfied with their phones. This campaign is just an extension of the recent web campaign where Apple posted a new page to their website titled “iPhone 5 – Loving it is easy. That’s why so many people do.” In the online campaign the Cupertino, Calif. based company highlights the fact that the iPhone has received nine straight J.D. Power and Associates awards for customer satisfaction.

Apple is facing increasing competition from Samsung as the smartphone market is growing; both tech giants are looking to capture larger market share. Samsung recently unveiled the Samsung Galaxy 4, which boasts a number of new software features. Apple’s new iPhone won’t be unveiled before this fall, so it was natural for Apple to launch ad campaigns for the iPhone 5 to capture customers interest even as other companies launch newer products.

Even as Android device makers are offering devices in screen sized larger than 4 inches, Apple’s next iPhone would continue to feature the same 4 inch screen that we saw in the iPhone 5. The company is expected to introduce new hardware features such as a fingerprint sensor, new camera and ship the new iPhone 5S with iOS 7.


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