Apple’s iPhone 5 / 4S To Feature Curved-Glass Design?

According to DigiTimes Apple Inc. is looking to adopt a “curved cover glass” for the next generation iPhone 5 / 4S. The same sources have also reported that Apple has purchased 200-300 glass cutting machines to be used by glass makers. The glass cutting machines would be used in order to create the specific curved glass rumoured to be used on the next gen iPhone.

There has been no timetable yet for the volume production of iPhone 5 as Apple is currently still working with related suppliers including those involved in cover glass, glass cutting, lamination and touch sensors to improve yield rates, the sources commented.

It’s still unclear what the “curved glass” would look like, with some seculations hinting at a glass screen similiar to that of the 5th generation iPod nano.

Other rumours are hinting at a screen similiar to the Samsung Nexus S which uses a concave curved screen, supposedly for “comfort”. This would be a whole new direction for Apple’s touchscreen iOS devices and if proposed in the iPhone could eventually move into the iPod touch and iPad.

[via DigiTimes]


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  1. Wait! They’re already talking iPhone 6 and the 5 hasn’t even been announced? Hello McFly!! the Freakin Delorean has been broken for a while now. How about the iPhone 10? I hear it’s already been blueprinted and involves touch, taste and smell sensors and can smell BULLS–T a MILE a way!

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