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iPhone 4G HD

I have to say I had my doubts when I saw the pictures of the “iPhone 4G” being passed around the web in the last 24 hours. Firstly the image had popped up on Twitter a while back from a different source : [twitpic]

But also it was simply such an awful overall design that it could only, at best, be a prototype. Remember those pre-production iPad prototype pictures that got leaked before the official launch? They were ugly too!

I guess it could possibly have been a prototype Steve was carrying around personally. But I am not sure he drinks in public in bars in San Jose these days.

Knowing how secretive Apple are the chances of an employee dropping one in a bar seemed ridiculous. If you remember the stories of Apple employes working on new devices having to keep their equipment covered in their locked rooms when not in use. And having to put a red light on outside their room to warn other employees of the fact that secret equipment could be on display when they were actually working with hardware prototypes. Well, that does make the bar story sound a little far fetched!

Finally, living in Asia in the heart of counterfeit land there are so many copies being pumped out of factories here it seemed more likely that this was some Chinese copy, or unofficial iPhone 4G for the Asian market.

It turns out the iPhone 4G or iPhone HD we’ve been staring at trying to decide if we love or hate is actually a Japanese iPhone copy.

The original web page that hit on this information is in Spanish. So here is a google translation link : []

Got to laugh at the translation :

apparently found in a bar in San Jose (California), in a pillow case for an iPhone 3G

But you get the gist from the bottom of the page. We would say case closed.

Are you disappointed? Or relieved? Did this look like an iPhone from Apple to you? Let us know in the comments.


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  • bentendo1609

    I very much doubt it's appearance will be any different, other than a front facing camera in a top corner… that'll be it. Still, we'll find out in July!

  • Joe Smith

    did you seriously think Apple would let that leak, at least not this early.

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