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iPhone 4G

Apple might be releasing a new iPhone 4G  / HD this summer.  It will probably be released on June 22nd during Apple’s WWDC 2010. The only real surprises left are the specs, appearance, and pricing of the new unit. Now, thanks to something lost and found on the floor of a bar, we may have our first look at the forthcoming iPhone.

Engadget is running pictures and a story of an alleged Apple device found inside of an iPhone 3G case on the floor of a San Jose bar. The device is encased in the familiar black and chrome trim with etched Apple and lettering on the back. While it contains some of the familiar iPhone elements, including a home button and small rectangular ear piece, it appears to be slightly taller, thicker, and more angular. Some of the physical button set ups are also different from current iPhone models. According to the report the device has a forward facing camera, 80GB of storage, and was running an unfamiliar version of the iPhone OS.

Now as the article points out, this isn’t necessarily the gospel version of the iPhone HD. It could very well be the production version, and if it is, Apple is taking the iPhone in a decidedly new direction. Otherwise this might just be a prototype that made an unintended appearance. I think most people have the impression that each new iPhone design comes to Steve Jobs in a dream, he jots it down on paper, and a new product is born. Quite to the contrary. Each new iteration of the iPhone (or any electronic device) goes through extensive planning on paper and prototyping. At any one time there may be five or six prototypes of a device floating around, one which may eventually become the production version, or each incorporating parts that combine to make the final cut. This may not even be a prototype of the next iPhone but instead a prototype of something two or three years down the road.

If it is the production version of the iPhone 4G / HD, it does confirm one of the main rumors floating around. The forward facing camera has been on the wishlist of many an iPhone pundit and fan and this phone seems to make it a reality. It would be really interesting to get a chance to crack the device open and see what’s inside. Would we find an A4 chip in there? Would we find the iPad innards shrunk down into the new iPhone as some have suggested will be the case? Despite the pedigree and intention of this found technology, one thing is for certain; it will only fuel the rumor and speculation machine. With the iPad out, the iPhone HD will be the latest hot new device of 2010.

Do you have a wishlist for the next iPhone? What makes video calls and video chat so compelling for you? Would it be a killer app that makes you switch from your Droid or Nexus One to the iPhone? Would anything make you make that switch? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.


iPhone 4G HD



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  • williamiPad

    Looks extremely fake, as if Apple took a step backwards


  • Net News Reader

    several months ago a prototype iphone went missing .. lol from china to a bar in san jose.. hahaha interesting..

  • Paul


  • Mr. O

    To me it looks like a prototype, just something to test the hardware and software. Apple would want it to look a lot nicer.

  • Jim

    Interesting. This looks to be the most promising of all the “leaked” photos.

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