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While the battle rages around the lost Apple iPhone 4G prototype and its legal implications, Apple seems to have quietly started production of the next generation device. According to 9To5Mac, Foxconn started to take shipment of components for the phone last month. If you’re not familiar with how the iPhone manufacturing system works, Foxconn is the Chinese company tasked with final assembly of most Apple devices. Foxconn is fed from a web of component manufacturers throughout China. The companies rumored to be involved in the production of key iPhone components are:

  • Touch panels – TPK, Wintek, Chimei Innolux
  • Quartz components – TXC
  • Camera modules – Largan Precision,Genius Electronic

Now that production is underway, we can be assured of iPhone 4GĀ announcementĀ at WWDC starting on June 7th. That should lead to general availability some time in late June or early July. Some had suggested Apple should bring the new iPhone out ahead of schedule due to the leak and subsequent furor around it. If you consider the logistics of the supply chain however, Apple probably knew that was impossible. If Foxconn was taking delivery of parts for assembly in April then that means the component manufacturers were probably ramping up and producing components in March. That means a final design was probably agreed to in January or February at the latest. By the time Steve was announcing the iPad in January, he could very well have had a final prototype iPhone in his pocket. All of that of course leads to another tantalizing possibility. If the final iPhone design was finalized in January or February then the errant iPhone found in a bar in April was, in all likelihood, a final prototype. Or, as is always the case in the riddle-wrapped-in-an-enigma world of Apple, a brilliant piece of misdirection.

So if the new iPhone is in production in China and if we can reasonably assume the prototype lost in California was close to the final version, it looks like Apple has delivered on much of what its user base has asked for. The front facing camera will be used for the video chat option alluded to in iPhone OS 4. The additional microphone will undoubtedly be used for noise cancellation as well as a diction to text feature similar to Android 2.1. Many have suggested that was part of the rationale behind the Siri purchase. And persumably the HD in the rumored iPhone HD moniker will refer to both the improved display as well as the rumored capability for the new camera module to shoot 720p video.

No matter what, the next month should be very interesting as new tidbits of information leak out about the new iPhone. If Apple answers with the hardware and software everyone anticipates, it will again shoot the iPhone ahead of the competition.

What are you looking forward to on the new iPhone? Have you delayed your purchase in light of the leak of the new iPhone prototype? What’s your wishlist of iPhone features? Let us know in the comments section.


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  • gpad

    I dont think Apple really cares to match feature to feature against new devices like the EVO. It's not about that. They only have to do enough to keep it interesting – the bigger draw for MOST users (not talking about all of the gay Apple haters that just troll our blogs to bash it nd feel better about themselves) is the app store and access to content overall. There will always be better spec'd phones, but it is going to take a lot more than specs for anyone to coming remotely close to unseating the iPhone off of it's massive global content distribution throne. Nobody can argue that…

  • Ben

    While I'd love t if it were true, I can't believe big S would go to the trouble of making Apple look like super-douches to reclaim a faked prototype. I believe what we saw is the real deal, and I like it. I've held off getting an iPhone until storage can cope with my 40gigs of music. This will (hopefully) be the first iteration to do that. So I'm in. I'm also hoping prices hold (they aren't going to go down, that's for certain) but I can't wait to get my hands on it.

  • pfon71361

    The iPhone prototype that Gizmodo showed off looked clunky compared to the current version. I hope that was a misdirection ploy by Apple. Looking forward to upgrading my 3G phone in July though.

  • Damian

    The iPhone had better step up. I love my current iPhone and I'm ready for a new handset but the HTC EVO 4G looks mighty impressive


    Here's what I'm looking forward to on the new iPhone model:
    – Low Price
    – Low Price
    – Low Price

  • TouchReviews

    Thanks! We have corrected the typo.

  • Chris

    He is corecting you, not asking. You have typed “780p” video.

  • Erin Peterson

    Sorry for the typo in the article. I was obviously thinking 1080p but meant 720p.

    As noted in the other comment, the camera module in the new iPhone is supposed to shoot HD video. That would be a nice little upgrade. It would certainly give people considering buying something standalone like a Flip MinoHD another reason to consider the iPhone.

  • TouchReviews

    Yes, iPhone 4G is rumored to shoot HD videos.

  • AK

    “…shoot** 720p** video.” …. ?

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